Independent Review Committee on Campus Culture (IRC)

Approved by the Faculty Senate, October 22, 2002

Adopted at Meet and Confer, October 24, 2002



            The Independent Review Committee on Campus Culture (IRC) is formed in response to recent environmental scans of the campus climate at St Cloud State University.


1.                  Composition:  (not to exceed 19 members)


a.                   Recommended bargaining unit representation (4) (MSUAASF, AFSCME, MAPE, and MMA including at least one staff member of color)


b.                  Faculty Representation (9) (1 from each unit including at least one woman; 1 GLBT faculty, 1 faculty of color, 1 Jewish faculty member)


c.         Administrative representation (2)


d.         Recommended students (4) (chosen by students, to include 1 GLBT student, 1 student of color, 1 Jewish student, and the Chair of the Student Diversity Committee)


2.         The IRC will elect its own chair. 


3.         Clerical support will be provided to the IRC by the Administration (Judy Shay from SLD). 


4.         The IRC will have the right to consult with Special Advisor to the President (Anne Zemek de Dominguez) and with the Lead Investigator (Tracy Bowe).


5.         Duties:


a.                   Review and respond to all environmental scans, recommendations and related materials (including the EEOC Report, the JCRC Report, and the forthcoming Nichols and Rankin Report)


b.                  Conduct interviews with individuals and groups on issues and areas of concern and formulate a set of specific recommendations for review by all.


c.         Revise and submit a final report with recommendations to the President and campus community.


6.                  Timeline:  Draft of specific recommendations will be submitted to constituent groups, including the Faculty Senate, two months after the receipt of the last outstanding environmental scan (Rankin or Nichols).